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Signs That Your HVAC Unit Isn’t Operating at Peak Efficiency

A good HVAC system is essential in any home or business. We rely on our HVAC units to ensure comfort and to assist in a variety of activities, whether at work or at home. That said, it’s common for HVAC units to run consistently for long periods. Over time, this can wear out the units and make them prone to occasional breakdowns.

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In some cases, though, it can be difficult to notice problems in the HVAC system. To help you get an idea when your HVAC system might be compromised, JC Refrigeration lists three warning signs that will tell you your HVAC unit isn’t working at peak efficiency.

Inaccurate Thermostat

A problem in your thermostat sensor can lead to incorrect cooling or heating settings. You might not get the temperature range that you expect from your typical settings, and this can affect the overall efficiency of the system. Qualified technicians can check your thermostat and ensure that it is able to maintain the proper temperature. If they detect a problem in your thermostat, they would simply have to repair or replace the broken component.

Insufficient Cooling

This is one of the most obvious signs that your air conditioner is acting up. If your air conditioner is not able to cool the space adequately, it might be due to low levels of refrigerant. Typically, this causes the air conditioning system to run for longer periods just so it can keep you comfortable. And since your air conditioner is working harder than it normally does, it could cause your electricity bills to go up. If you notice insufficient cooling from your air conditioner, your technician will likely check the unit for leaks. They will have to plug any existing leaks and then replenish the coolant in your air conditioner.

Drainage Problems

Drainage problems often manifest as leaks or water buildup, which is typically the result of a blocked condensation line. When the condensation line is clogged, condensed water won’t be able to drain properly. If you ignore drainage issues in your HVAC unit, you run the risk of biological growth in the moist parts of the system — which can later on cause respiratory health issues.

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