Commercial HVAC: Expensive Repairs That Can Be Avoided

As a property owner, one of the responsibilities that you should take seriously is the maintenance of your HVAC system. Commercial HVAC systems are crucial to the operation of any business. When you overlook the upkeep of essential heating and air conditioning components, this can lead to expensive repairs and possible losses on your profit. Fortunately, you can prevent these things by contracting a commercial HVAC company to perform preventive maintenance.

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In this post, JC Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning shares tips on how you can avoid commercial HVAC issues that often require costly repairs.

Air Conditioning Duct and Vent Repair

Clogged ducts and filters are a common problem in both residential and commercial HVAC systems. When neglected, these issues can affect the performance of your cooling system. Since clogged ducts and filters often cause HVAC units to work harder, this overexertion can possibly lead to the system’s breakdown.

To avoid such a scenario, your ducts, vents and filters should be properly maintained. Ducts should be inspected regularly to ensure they are clean and have not been infested by pests. Debris should be removed from the vents to promote proper air flow. Lastly, filters should be cleaned and replaced to maintain good indoor air quality.

Boiler Repair

Boiler repairs are among the most expensive HVAC services. Furthermore, the components of boilers are also costly to replace. Make sure that your boiler gets proper maintenance on a regular basis. Boiler maintenance services are definitely cheaper than repairs, so you should invest in their upkeep right from the very start.

Cooling Tower, Chiller and Pump Repair

Chilled water system repairs are also an expensive type of HVAC repair. Components such as chillers, cooling towers and pumps are generally affordable, but the actual repair service can cost you a significant amount. Again, proper maintenance is key to ensuring that these components function optimally. And much like boiler maintenance, the proper maintenance of your chilled water system is a lot cheaper than repairs.

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