Helpful Tips On Reducing Your Commercial Refrigeration Costs

Commercial refrigeration is one of the most energy-intensive parts of a business’ overheads. In most cases, the energy used to keep things sufficiently cool is several times greater than any other operational expenses. This is why our team of experts is here to share a few tips on reducing commercial refrigeration costs.

 Commercial Refrigeration Costs

  1. Keep the System Clean: Dirt clinging to the system’s components can have a negative effect on its efficiency. This is because the accumulated debris can interfere with how heat is dispersed throughout the system. As a result, the system uses more power to compensate. Cleaning your system often ensures that the coils, evaporator, and fins are functioning at full efficiency.
  2. Keep Seals Intact: Refrigeration units will go to a low power state if the temperature inside is stable. If the door seals or seams inside the compartment have small gaps, the cool air leaves, and the temperature increases. This will trigger the system to use more power to compensate. Good seals mean more consistent temperatures and less time that your system has to power up.
  3. Load Cold Items: Any item put inside a refrigerating unit acts as a heat source that can affect the compartment’s temperatures. If you put warm items right away, the unit will have to work extra hard to draw heat from it. Let the items cool a bit to reduce the amount of heat that your refrigerator has to draw out.
  4. Check the Lighting: Lamps help you see inside the compartment, but they are also a source of heat. This is especially true for older models with warmer lights. Consider changing your lamps with more energy-efficient case lighting features; they’re just as good at lighting while also running a lot cooler than older light sources.
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