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Sub-Zero appliances offer homeowners the ability to build the kitchen of their dreams. Not only do you get the ability to customize the size, shape, and features of your appliances, but they can be built into your cabinetry and even made to perfectly match your features. Wood panel doors, specialized colors, and more give you flexibility you won’t find anywhere else, and that means these appliances are a tremendous investment in your home and your happiness.

So when your refrigerator stops working, your freezer starts losing its ability to remain cold, or your ice maker simply refuses to produce any ice, you shouldn’t have to completely remodel your kitchen to accommodate. At JC Refrigeration, we offer repair and maintenance services that are uniquely designed for Sub-Zero appliances. We understand the complexity and unique technology that makes these appliances work as well as they do, and we can resolve your problems with quality repairs that are backed by outstanding workmanship and sensational customer service. When you haven’t compromised on the quality of your appliances, you should never compromise on the services they receive—choose the Ventura County Sub-Zero repair experts you can trust!

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Servicing All Your Sub-Zero Appliances

Those with Sub-Zero appliances aren’t often limited to just one unit—they often outfit their entire kitchen with them. That’s why you need a company who can service each and every one of them with the same care and quality that you’d expect and demand from someone who specializes in this particularly unique brand.

We proudly service the following Sub-Zero kitchen appliances:

  • Refrigerators
  • Wine cellars
  • Freezers
  • Under-counter units
  • Ice makers

Appliance Retrofitting

Does it seem like your refrigerator simply can’t keep up anymore? Sub-Zero appliances are not like other brands, where you simply replace your worn-out refrigerator with a new unit—you made the investment in these appliances, and you should be able to preserve it. With our Sub-Zero retrofitting services, you can! We can outfit your existing refrigerator, wine cellar, freezer, and more with the newest technology designed to make your system work even better than the day it was first installed!

Our retrofitting services include:

  • Brand new, quieter, and more efficient compressors
  • An entirely new evaporator coil that’s corrosion-free
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant replacement
  • A full five-year warranty on new parts, plus two years on labor!

When your Sub-Zero refrigerator wears out, you shouldn’t have to completely remodel your kitchen. Keep your current appliances working at their peak by simply outfitting them with the latest Sub-Zero technology. At JC Refrigeration, we can even retrofit your old 500 series models with brand new components that make them quieter, more effective, and more enjoyable than ever before!

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