4 Ways to Keep Your HVAC Ducts Clean For Longer

Better indoor air quality starts with clean HVAC ducts. For one thing, a spotless ductwork helps eliminate the potential of clogging, preventing dust and other harmful particles from circulating throughout your home, while also ensuring smoother and more efficient distribution of conditioned air. But it can be a pain to clean the ducts regularly–so how exactly do you keep them pristine for longer periods? JC Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning , the trusted HVAC company in the area, shares some handy tips.

HVAC Ducts Clean For Longer‚Äč

  1. Change the air filters on time. This way, they won’t become clogged with dust and other debris, which can be both time-consuming and stressful to clear. Experts recommend replacing the air filters every three months–or every month if you keep pets or live with someone who suffers from asthma. If you live somewhere prone to dust storms, it’s also crucial to replace the filters at regular intervals.

  1. Keep the vents open. Did you know that closing the vents offers the fastest way to make the duct system dirty? That’s because closed vents allow particles in the air to become trapped in the ductwork. Make note of the lever next to the opening of each vent and keep it open. It’s also a good idea to remove any furniture or decor that may block it.

  1. Stop the ducts from getting wet. You already know that excess moisture can encourage mold growth–and the same thing can happen inside your ducts if they are exposed to water. What you should do is make sure that any leaks and water damage are repaired promptly. You should also check the condensate pans to see if they’re draining properly.

  1. Invest in an air purification system. JC Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with this. We offer only some of the best air purification systems from the leading brands. By trapping and getting rid of particles and contaminants in the air, they ensure the air inside your home remains safer and cleaner. Plus, they help lower the need for regular duct cleaning.

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